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Library Rules and Regulations

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І. Main points

1.1 The University Library of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (hereinafter - the Library) is a training and informational, scientific, cultural and educational NaUKMa structural unit, which promotes educational, research, cultural activities to teachers and students of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

1.2 The Library Fund is part of the national reference and information system and is under state protection.

1.3 The Library Rules and Regulations (hereinafter - the Rules) set terms and conditions of usage for all Library users.

1.4 Procedure of usage of the American Library is governed by separate regulations.


ІІ. The procedure of creating an account in the Library

2.1 The right to use the Library is offered to:

  • students of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, including foreigners, namely: the main body of the students of bachelor and master degrees, free students of bachelor and master degrees, students of research and teaching pre-training center;
  • NaUKMA graduate students;
  • NaUKMA Doctoral degree students;
  • NaUKMA applicants;
  • NaUKMA employees, including foreigners, namely: the faculty members and other employees of NaUKMA;
  • foreign researchers in NaUKMA;
  • outside users.

2.2 The right to use the season ticket on which literature can be taken home is for:

  • students of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, including foreigners, namely: the main body of the students of bachelor and master degrees, free bachelor and master degrees students who study the full training course (1 st academic year), students of Research and teaching pre-training center;
  • NaUKMA graduate students;
  • NaUKMA Doctoral students;
  • NaUKMA employees, including foreigners.

2.3 To use materials in the Library reading room and take them on night loan (see "Regulations on the night loan”), you have to be:

  • student of bachelor or master degree who is studying certain courses;
  • student of Research and teaching pre-training center;
  • NaUKMA competitor;
  • foreign researchers in NaUKMA.

2.4 Other users may use the Library resourses (in the absence of books in other libraries) based on the letter of guarantee from the institution indicating the research topic can be studied only in the Library reading rooms.

2.5 Making an account in the Library:

  • for bachelor and graduate students of and applicants is based NaUKMa orders on their enrollment;
  • for NaUKMA employees - by order based on the official identification;
  • for foreign students, teachers and researchers - on the basis of the International Certificate of NaUKMA;
  • for others - based on a letter of guarantee from the institution and passport.

2.6 Services for users in the Library are conducted on the basis of membership and / or student ID, for students of NaUKMA - based on student ID, for other categories of users - based on your membership card.

2.7 You can activating your student card for library usage at any point of personal Library service in NaUKMA.

2.8 When making an account in the Library, user must read the Terms of Use and confirm their commitment to their implementation with a personal signature.

2.9 At the entrance to the Library, user must provide a regular student or library card.

2.10 If you lose your student card, you should contact the library staff reading rooms to block your account form.

2.11 For students of bachelor and master degrees, served on the basis of student ID, library card is issued to temporary renovation of student (in the manner prescribed by the Regulations on registration of users in the Scientific Library of NaUKMA, paragraph 4. Customer Service that lost student ID)

2.12 Others who are served on the basis of membership card can make a duplicate of membership card (in the manner prescribed by the Regulations on registration of users in the Scientific Library of NaUKMA, paragraph 3. Loss and renewal of membership card).

ІІІ. The Library usage

3.1 The Library is free. The list of certain types of paid services provided by libraries, and the size of their pay is determined in accordance with established procedure to separate regulatory documents.

3.2 Ordering, delivery and return of materials from the Library through the integrated library system ALEPH 500 is provided on the basis of personal e-reader form.

3.3 Library users are entitled to use documents of the library collection (to order materials through an electronic catalog, free access to reading rooms, night loan), electronic resources and the Internet, electronic document delivery and interlibrary loan (ILL) service of photocopying and printing materials in order and conditions, established by the rules of Library usage and special provisions.

  • All publications in the Library can be ordered through the electronic catalog. The exceptions are materials with the status «in the reading room» (which is in free access) and «in the reading room (No Order)»
  • The usage of materials is determined by «Status instance» (in the reading room, three months, two weeks, etc.) and user status (faculty member, student of NaUKMA etc.)
    Note: Faculty and Staff members can use copies with status «in the reading room» up to 1 week.
  • Free access materials are placed on open shelves in each reading room. These materials are not allowed to take outside the Library without the permission of a librarian, but may be issued on a night loan.
  • At night loan you can also be given materials with status «in the reading room», which is regulated by the «Regulations on night loan».
  • Internet access is one of the main services provided by research libraries of NaUKMA for it’s registered users for information, research and educational purposes. Internet access is available throughout the Research Library of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Usage of the Internet is governed by «Rules of Internet usage».
  • All library users except the print collection, have access to electronic Library resources (full-text database of scientific periodicals, electronic books, etc.). Access is available from any computer on the university network.
  • Professors and teachers of NaUKMa can order needed articles (electronic copy) from international scientific journals subscribed by the Library through the «Electronic Document Delivery».
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) can be used for the students of the master's program, Faculty and Staff members of NaUKMa. Materials that can be ordered by interlibrary loan (ILL) are: scientific profile publications, which are missing in the Library, according to established rules. Each person has the right to order a sum of 3 copies. You shall receive these materials for your usahe only in the library reading rooms for up to 2 weeks.
  • Users can use the Library service of Photocopying and printing in copiers of NaUKMA Library.
  • Do not make copies of rare materials and publications of the Scientific archive.

3.4 Materials that can’t be used outside the Library:

  • from the rare and valuable books fund (usage of this fund is governed by separate Regulations);
  • from personal collections;
  • from Science Archive;
  • from Omeljan Pritsak's Memorial Library;
  • with "control copy" sign (an exception is fiction);
  • reference books;
  • periodicals;
  • cartographic materials;
  • audio and video materials, materials in electronic media.

3.5 When release from NaUKMA, users must return all materials to libraries and sign a bypass list for every service provider. This form locks your readers account. In case you do not return materials, you will be sends relevant documents to address the return of state property through the courts.

3.6 With the library staff, guard is also monitoring compliance with the rules of usage of the scientific library of NaUKMA.

IV. The rights and obligations of users

4.1 Users are entitled to:

  • use all library collections and resources, including electronic;
  • get help and information about services;
  • use interlibrary loan;
  • access to library and information network from networks, that include the library;
  • provide suggestions for improving the composition and organization of the Library and its reference and information system and mode of operation;
  • participate in events held by Library.

4.2 Users must:

  • care for the received funds from the Library materials and property;
  • materials received in time must be return on time in good condition;
  • not to take the library materials that are not issued to a library form;
  • log in to inform current contact information and email address;
  • carefully review materials chosen for work;
  • not to tear or bend pages, not to make any signs, records, etc.;
  • protect public order in the Library:
    • behave tactfully with staff and other library users;
    • observe silence;
    • not to enter the Library with big suitcases, winter clothes, with food, drinks, animals, etc.;
  • comply with the requirements of the library staff and guards;
  • when release from NaUKMa, users must return all materials to libraries and sign a bypass list for every service provider;
  • do not send documents that entitle the library (library or student card) to others.

4.3 Library users are responsible for:

  • usage of the rules;
  • damaging of the library materials and technical equipment, furniture, computers and other library property;
  • damage / los of materials.

4.4 Responsibility for violation of rules of Library usage.

4.4.1 In case of causing a damage to the library fund and property, there is a financial, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the law:

  • in case of damaging of property of the library, the user has to refund the cost of repair (as agreed with the administrative office of NaUKMa);
  • in case of loss or damage of materials from the library fund, user is obliged to compensate their cost in terms consistent with the Library: a copy of the same edition, high-quality duplicate or replace it with the equivalent edition (in coordination with the Directorate of  NaUKMA Library).

4.4.2 For the late return of library materials, user is denied in the right to use the library until all the materials owed are returned to the library, and is obliged to pay a refund for the late return, which equals 3 hryvnia for 1 document (book, periodical etc.) per each 24 hours of delay, according to the Order № 304 dated  9.07.2018.

4.4.3 Attempting unauthorized output of books (magazines, newspapers, etc.) is considered as attempted theft and is punishable by deprivation measures of library usage from 3 months to excluding from the University.

4.4.4 For violation of public order in the Library, user is denied in the right to use the library for up to 1 month.

4.4.5 In case of refusal to pay, the Library user in accordance with requirements of these regulations on the reimbursement of unreturned or damaged library materials is examined by the administration or transferred to judicial organs.

V. The Library Responsibilities

5.1 Library is bound, in the prescribed manner:

5.1.1 to inform users on all types of services provided by the Library;

5.1.2 systematically replenish fund with new educational and scientific literature, valuable literature of previous years of publication, periodicals, electronic information according to the profile of Bachelor and Master programs, and directions for research in NaUKMA; promptly consider changes in the curricula and resupply Library fund;

5.1.3 provide high quality library and bibliographic services for library users, particularly through the introduction of new electronic technologies, training workers, etc.;

5.1.4 promote educational and scientific work of students, faculty staff by providing NaUKMa advice and assistance in organizing independent work with the works in printing, manuscripts and archival materials, extensive information on library and bibliographic information resources and large libraries, archives and Museums of Kyiv;

5.1.5 in the absence of relevant literature in the collection, use their interlibrary loan;

5.1.6 implement record keeping, storage and usage of printed and other materials that constitute in Library collection, in accordance with established rules; follow hygiene rules for deposited collection, in time for selecting works printing making restoration works;

5.1.7 provide grants for users for printed and other materials and systematically monitor their timely return to the Library;

5.1.8 remind users about the need to return materials for a week, three days, one day before the end of usage period and weekly after expiration of it via e-mail;

5.1.9 comply with the declared mode, to avoid lack of staff or closing units without prior announcement. Post up the announcement of schedule of Library and all its units on the bulletin board and on the Library website;

5.1.10 in terms of organization, technical equipment guided by the best world samples, in particular, to help create comfortable conditions for users;

5.1.11 provide good sanitary conditions of reading rooms: organize daily cleaning, ventilation, once a month to make a Health Day;

5.1.12 keep users in contact with the Student Board and other administrative and public bodies of NaUKMA.

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