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Antonovych Tetiana and Omelian

Omelian Antonovych was born in 1914 in Doluyna (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast). He studied at the Lviv Academic Gymnasium, Przemysl Gymnasium, Lublin Catholic University, High Trade Academy in Poznan, and Berlin Trade Academy. Joined the Young Alliance students’ organization and later the OUN. During WW II dealt with organizational issues at the OUN. In 1946, after graduating from the Law School at the Prague Ukrainian University, married Tetiana Terletska, renowned neuropathologist, M.D. from Wienna University. In 1950 settled in Washington together with his wife.  For decades Antonovych had been supporting the Ukrainian language, book publishing, and libraries. In 1980 he, together with his wife, founded the Tetiana and Omelian Antonovych Charitable Foundation to support Ukrainian literary studies and criticism, history, art history, philology, and political science. In almost 30 years of its existence the Foundation has raised around 3 million dollars for the development of Ukrainian education and culture. The National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy celebrated the opening of its new baccalaureate library on May 24, 2007.  The renovated historic XIX century building was named in honor of its principal benefactors Tetiana and Omelian Antonovych from the United States, who donated one million dollars to this important project. 

Omelian Antonovych died in Lviv at February 28, 2008. 


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