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Marta-Bohachevka Khomiak

Opens external link in new windowMartha Bohachevsky-Chomiak (born on 24.06.1938 at Sokal ', Lviv region) - famous historian, specialist in social processes of Galicia in the XIX century, Intellectual life of pre-revolutionary Russia, the author of monographs ("The Ukrainians in Eastern Galicia in 1848 (1967)," Sergei N. Trubetskoi: An Intellectual among the Intelligentsia in Prerevolutionzry Russia (1976)" and others. Community activist and an activist of Ukrainian women's movement in the U.S., former vice president of the Union of America. Member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society.

Collection of Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak is about 490 items / 461 titles. Preferably, those are editions of the modern history of Ukraine and Russia, the world's leading publishers, containing studies known to historians and political scientists. The collection also presents philosophical writings, publications on gender issues, works of fiction.

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