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Mykola Braichenko-Petrenko's collection (USA)

Mykola Braichenko-Petrenko's library collection (1898-1989) is collection of  Ukranian family in the USA.  During his life M. Braichenko-Petrenko believed in collapse of  the Evil Empire and Ukraine's liberation from oppression. All his life he collected Ukrainian books and serials and dreamed when Ukraine wold be independent country snd had sent his own library to the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy for studing the history of Ukrainian immigration. His hope and dream were not in vain - The National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Library stores his collection with more then 347 titles. The main part of this book collection consists of fictional works by Ukrainian writers and Ukrainian journals 30-50's which were published in European countries and the USA: children's magazines “Lys” and “Lys Mykyta”; for young people: “Smoloskyp”, “Moloda Ukraina”, “Krylaty”, “Studentske zhyttia”; art: “Arka”, “Vist”; socio-political: “Shturm”, “Ridna tserkva”, “Dorogovkaz”, “Vilna Ukraina”, “Suchasna Ukraina” etc.

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