National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Library

Bibliographic database, which represents full structure and content of traditional library collections, and is a tool of search and access to library resources and services.

Databases (A-Z)

Alphabet list of research data bases with short description and direct links on them.

E-Archive eKMAIR

Open electronic archive eKMAIR at NaUKMA contains research works of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy professors and faculty members.

Declassified materials Archive of Security service of Ukraine (SSU)

Systematically and thematically grouped materials about the activity of Security Service of the USSR and the history of Ukrainian liberation movement (famine 1932-1933, dissidens, repression in Ukraine).

Search systems (A-Z)

The list of research–oriented searching systems.

Patents (A-Z)

The list of databases that contain information about patenting and licensing.

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