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Request for acquisition

All Library NaUKMA's users (excluding outside users) can join the process of completing of printed collection.

  • In case you need a book for the course, but it's not in the library,
  • or you have seen a new book in bookstore and you feel like it is entitled to be in the Library collection,
  • the current number of a particular publication is not enough to meet the needs of all users - use the service "Order for Library Acquisition" and our staff will get this publication.

To do this, you can:


1. Create your order by completing the form in electronic catalog. Be sure to include the reason for your interest in this edition;

2. Apply directly to an expert in the Library Acquisition Department by email:, tel.: (044) 425-60-35 (ext. 239), or in person - Tetiana and Omelian Antonovych Undergraduate Library, 1 st Floor, room 19, Library Acquisition Department.


Each order will be reviewed and, in case of a positive decision, the item will be purchased and inserted to the Library. 


Denial of your order might depend on:


- sufficient number of publications in the Library fund (including quantitative indicators of issuance, indicators of quality - of content and condition of the publication, and also consultations of experts in the relevant departments of university Libraries);

- non-availability of this publication on the book market (after previous conduction of a detailed search and considering all possible ways of acquisition).



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