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General information

General library collection according to 01.01.2019 is 854 759 items, 116 967 titles of electronic editions.

Library collections

There are 69 private collections of Ukrainian scholars and Ukrainian diaspora activists from the USA, Canada, Brasil, Germany, Poland etc.

Rare books collection

Rare books collection include editions printed before 1947 year.

Archives Department

Scientific archive consists of more than 10 thousand cases, belonging to personalities or institutions. The documents reveal the life, scientific and creative activities of those, whose fate is linked to the revived Academy, and with representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora, who expressed their will to preserve documentary heritage here.

Current Serials' subscription

The annual list of subscribed printed newspapers and journals.

Omelian Pritsak Memorial Library

Collection of outstanding philologist, orientalist, historian, organizer of world and national science, - Omelian Pritsak (1919-2006) is a unique historical and cultural phenomenon of the twentieth century. During 70 years of active research, he gathered  structurally large and contently rich library and archival art collection, that contains handwritten works, publications, historical sources, archival documents, artistic and cultural attractions of Philology, Linguistics, World History, Oriental Studies, Slavic Studies, Nordic Studies, Archeology, Numismatics, Philosophy, Art History, Ethnology, etc. This collection includes more than 20,000 manuscripts and publications in all European languages and more than 20 eastern languages, which were published during the XVI-XXI centuries; more than 33,000 archival documents and more than 300 paintings and graphics objects (arts and crafts, records of classical music).

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