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General information

General library collection contains is 854 759 items.

This is a serious collection of scientific, educational, reference books and periodicals, that provides research and academic mission of NaUKMA. Library printed collection is fully represented in the electronic catalogue. E-collection - through EBSCO Discovery Service and A-Z list.

Development of the NaUKMA Library – is a unique example of creating in a short time (since February 1992) colection from zero to more than one million items. 

70% of the Printed Collection are books and periodicals, donated by more than 5 thousands of individuals, institutions and organizations from around the world. The Collection is multilingual: Ukrainian editions are 51%, English - 23%, others - in other languages (99 languages). Annuall collection growth is for approximately 25-30 thousands of items.

NaUKMA Library Collection consist of 66  private libraries of Ukrainian and Ukrainian diaspora scientists, writers, politics. Two collections formed the basis for special Memorial Libraries:  Omeljan Pritsak and James Mace Memorial Libraries.

Significant historical, cultural and scientific value brings the Rare Books special collection, that covers more than 10 000 items.



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