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Learning English with the NaUKMA University Library

Opens external link in new windowViktor Kytasty American Library supports the "Year of English in Ukraine" and offers many visitable activities and events for learning and promoting the English language.

Opens external link in new windowDiscussion Clubs give you an opportunity to improve your English conversational skills and learn more about American culture. Choose the Club which is interesting and convenient for you:

Monday Motivational Speaking Club with Mila (beginning at 17:00), OR
Thursday Students Discussion Club with Marta (beginning at 15:00), OR
Friday English Speaking Club with Michael (at 17:00 ).

Join our clubs! Here you can practice your English and participate in discussions on topical aspects of life.

The American Library offers the opportunity to visit Opens external link in new windowFilm Screenings during which you can watch and discuss the movies from the Opens external link in new windowLibrary’s own DVD-collection in original language, thus improving your English. You can watch the movies individually or come with a group of friends within the Library opening hours (Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00), as well as visit the Movie Screening Program (when it takes place; follow the schedule on our Opens external link in new windowFacebook page).

Opens external link in new windowBoard games reveal another unconventional way of learning English. During the game you not only improve the knowledge of words and phrases but also communicate with other participants, improving your oral language skills. American Library has a great collection of board games, including Opens external link in new windowMonopolyOpens external link in new window7 WondersOpens external link in new windowBoggleOpens external link in new windowForbidden Island and many others.

Opens external link in new windowReading Periodicals is also a good way to learn the language and follow the world news simultaneously. The library owns a fair collection of periodicals, which is constantly updated. You may find Fortune, Time, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, Newsweek, National Geographic, The New Yorker and many other US periodicals in our collection.

Opens external link in new windowBooks represent a traditional, and also very effective way of learning English. Read the world's best sellers, contemporary American authors, re-read the classics in English. You can search the catalog or simply browse our shelves (library funds are open for your access), and borrow the books home (the borrowing period is two weeks).

Opens external link in new windowElectronic Resources- The American Library offers plenty of free online resources to help adults, teenagers and children learn English. Academic publications, videos, mobile apps, games, short stories, listening and grammar exercises are available for you via the Electronic Resources service. The details on how to use the electronic eLibraryUSA resources are provided by the following Opens external link in new windowlink. It is also possible to ask for the Opens external link in new windowremote access to the Library electronic resources.

The Year of English opens wide range of opportunities to learn, communicate and enjoy English, and we are happy to help.

Follow our updates on our Opens external link in new windowwebsite and the Opens external link in new windowFacebook page.

For more detailed information on how to become a Library User and participate in our events, please contact the Coordinator of the American Library at NaUKMA Svitlana Chukanova (telephone: +38 (044) 462-56-74, e-mail:, Address: 04070 Kyiv, str . Voloska 8/5, NaUKMA building 4, room 116.)

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