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Alternative metrics

Every day, more and more researchers apply in their work to popular web services, social networks, blogs, social bookmarking services and so on. This increase of scientists’ online activity led to the emergence of new "alternative metrics" (or Altmetriks), which are based on the social web and serve to inform the scientific community.

As opposed to classical Scientometrics, Altmetriks bases its calculations on the authority of web documents’ usage indicators, and their online audience research. Altmetriks indicators calculate viewing statistics, information about scientific paper’s distribution in social networks (Facebook, Twitter), document’s usage in social bookmarking services (CiteULike, Mendeley), document’s citations in academic blogs (, Nature Blogs), etc.

The most popular Altmetriks services today include:

•  Opens external link in new 

•  Opens external link in new windowImpactStory 

•  Plum Analytics 

•  Opens external link in new windowKudos 


Altmetriks indicators usage allows scientists to go beyond traditional Scientometric restrictions and reduce significantly detection time of current publications, allows to explore scientific fields that are not easily discovered by Scientometrics, to learn the interests of the public in specific areas of research, gain more information about their scientific papers usage (not only articles or monographs, but also videos, presentations, podcasts, etc.).

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