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The conditions for borrowing, returning, renewal of books and payment of fines, etc. are governed by the Terms of Use of the NaUKMA Library.

Library Card or Student ID
My Account
Ordering documents from the Library collection and number usage
Terms of reservations and issuance of materials
Usage features of the Rare and valuable editions
Renewal the library documents
Borrowing for one night
Returning items
Lost or damaged items
Blocking Your Account
Library debt and electronic messages
Paying fees and fines
Address change
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Undergraduate Library (Library of Tetiana and Omelian Antonovych)
Graduate Library (Old Academic Building)
Philological Library (Building 1)
American Library (Building 4)
Omeljan Pritsak's Memorial Library (Building 4)
Library of Polish and European Studies Center (Building 6)
James Mace Memorial office (Library – Archive) (building 4) 

Library Scheme

Library Card or Student ID

Customer Service in the Library is conducted on the basis of library card or student ID:

  • for the NaUKMA University students - based on student ID;
  • for other users - based on Library card.

The Library User is obliged to give a consonant for his/her personal data processing by signing the Initiates file downloadRegistration card


The first production of Library card for all NaUKMA University users is free.

Manufacturing price of an annual Library card and the extension of its usage period for the general public and students of NPC DP (Research and teaching pre-training Center) of evening and distance studying departments is 100 UAH.

If you lose your Library Card or Student ID, you should immediately contact the staff of the library reading room to bock your Account. The loss of Library Card or Student ID can be also reported by calling the Information Desk by tel.: +38 (044) 462-56-74 or e-mailing

Temporary Library card.
To students of bachelor and master degrees, who are served on the basis of student ID, a temporary Library card is issued until the resumption of the student ID.

A duplicate of Library card.
Users who are served on the basis of Library card can make a duplicate of Library card, by contacting the librarian in the room 116, 4 Building, American library. The cost of making a duplicate of Library card is 100 UAH.
Reference Service Desk at the Antonovych Library

My Account

To use library materials, you must have access to the Library form, so you need to register in electronic Library Form via Electronic catalog of the NaUKMA Library. Menu in the upper right corner – My Account.

User Barcode - is the number of Library Card or student ID, depending on the document which you use in the library.

Attention! When you enter the student ID number, series and previous zeros are ignored.



  • For the first entry to your Account, electronic systems appointed a standard password - your date of birth in the following order: year, month, day - yyyymmdd (eg. 19850617).
  • You can change your password by selecting the appropriate menu - Password.
  • Password must contain only Latin letters (regardless of register) or numbers.
  • Restrictions on the password - 20 characters.
  • In view of safety, do not use your current passwords or numbers of identification documents to create your password.
  • If you forget your password or ID, contact the Librarian.




Using My Account, you can:

  • review what documents are currently on your Account and when you have to return them to the library;
  • view your history of borrowing library materials;
  • view the status of orders;
  • renewal usage periods of your materials;
  • order and maintain ordered materials;
  • verify information on the amount of fees and fines for indebted materials



Ordering documents from the Library collection and number usage 

All publications in NaUKMA Library are ordered by electronic request.


  • publications of the location of Department of Economics and School of Public Health. For them you need to go directly to the appropriate departments;
  • materials with the status of the copy (in the table of copies)
    • "In reading room (free access)" - this status is for publications which are freely available on the shelves of the reading room;
    • "In reading room (no order)"- this status is for publications of high demand and small amount – to get them go directly to the librarian.


Restrictions on the number of simultaneous orders and lending materials to different categories of users.

User status

Number of orders

Number of lendings

Graduate students



Bachelor students






Master students



NaUKMA employees






Students of RTPT Center




Restrictions on the ordering of identical copies

You can order only one copy of a certain publication. The system will refuse in custom, if you try to order another identical copy of the edition you have already booked or borrowed using your account.


Terms of realization of your order

  • Ordering a material with the status "in reading room" will be performed within 2 hours.
  • Ordering a material with status "two weeks" and "three months" will be performed within 1 day.


Order removal

Your order may be removed by librarian in two cases:

  • if the book was not found on the shelves. Then a material acquires the status of "Temporarily unavailable". The book will be found, returned to the shelf and then can be ordered if you still need it;
  • if the book has a high demand and the library has insufficient number of copies to satisfy all readers. (For example, if there are 20 students listening to the course, and only 5 books). In this case, the book acquires the status of "in reading room" and is placed on separate shelves in the reading room. Such books do not have to be reserved; you only need to contact a librarian in the reading room. 


Your order will automatically or systematically be deleted:

  • if the deadline for finding books on reservations shelf is over. (You did order, the order was enforced, the book was waiting for you at reservations shelf for four days, and you would not come for her.)
  • in all cases, the system would send a letter about removal of orders by e-mail to address listed on your account with the given reason for withdrawal of your order.

In your account in an electronic catalog this information is not displayed.


How to delete an order by yourself?

You can remove an order yourself in your account in the menu "Item order". In "Your account orders" you need to go to "The order details" by clicking on the serial number of order. This order can be removed using the Delete

WARNING! Removal of an order is only possible until the order is taken by a librarian and Delete button is available.

Periods of reservation shelf and periods of issuance

Period of reservation shelf

Fulfilled order is waiting for you at the reservation shelf for 4 days. After that your order is canceled automatically.


Period of issuance

  • The terms of usage of materials is determined by the status of copies and the status of user (faculty member, NaUKMA student etc.).
  • Materials with the status "Reading room", "Reading room (collection)", "Reading room (no order)", "Reading room (free access)", "New arrivals" are issued for usage in reading rooms and on a night loan. (See - Night loan)
  • Materials with the status "Three months" and "Two weeks" are issued on this term.
  • To faculty members and NaUKMA employees materials with status "Reading room" are granted for up to 1 week.
  • Materials with status "Reading room (collection)" are issued with the permission of the Library Board.


Materials that can’t be used outside the Library:

  • Materials from the Rare and valuable books collection (usage of this documents are governed by separate Regulations);
  • Materials from personal collections;
  • Materials from Science Archive;
  • Materials from Omeljan Pritsak's Memorial Library;
  • With "control copy" sign (an exception is fiction);
  • Reference books;
  • Periodicals;
  • Cartographic materials;
  • Audio and video materials, materials in electronic media.

Usage features of the Rare and valuable editions

Work with old books, rare and valuable materials is allowed only in the Research reading room number 2 (Congregation Hall, Old Academic Building), and only in designated areas.

Number of materials in use
Once you can be issued no more than 1 document from the Rare and valuable editions collection.


Terms of issuance and usage of materials

  • Documents are issued to you with a warning about the defects (missing pages, missing covers, stains, etc.)
  • Taking a document back from a user, Librarian:
    • compares the book cover sheet with a receipt of electronic ordering;
    • verifies the actual number of documents with electronic orders;
    • checks the amount of illustrations, supplementary sheets, applications, mentioned in the document with the actual presence of them while returning.
  • If further work on a document necessary, you may leave it on reservation shelf for the next 5 days. Also, at your request and without queue for this material, period of reservation may be extended.
  • While working with materials of the rare and valuable editions, you are prohibited to:
    • take them out from Research Reading room number 2;
    • bring to research Reading room number 2 materials, that do not belong to the NaUKMA Library;
    • photocopy materials with flash, and with the help of copy machines (scanner, copier);
    • touch documents with wet and dirty hands;
    • quickly flip the pages of old editions;
    • make many bookmarks as it distorts the book block;
    • overbend book along the spine;
    • turn up the corners of pages;
    • cut the uncut pages by yourself;
    • put on the publication paper, on which you make your notes;
    • copy artwork through tracing paper;
    • draw hands on the book.

  • In order to monitor the terms of issuance and usage of materials in the planned order or (if necessary) by the order of the University Library representative, the existence and preservation of published materials is verified during their usage.

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