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The work on the new funds of the Archives Department has been completed

In 2015, five personal funds were arranged and systematized in the Archives Department of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” University Library. The structure and contents of the Fund is shown in the archival descriptions which are available online:

Opens external link in new windowFund № 3. Semenets, Mykhajlo Markovych (20.11.1920 - 19.03.2012): Ukrainian political and public figure, journalist.

Opens external link in new windowFund №4. Duzhyi, Yaroslav Ivanovych (1923-2009) and Duzha, Olha Hryhorivna (1926-2004). Civic and political activists, philanthropists.

Opens external link in new windowFund № 5. Odarchenko, Petro Vasyliovych (1903 - 2006). Literary critic, linguist.

Opens external link in new windowFund №19. Kytasty, Victor Hryhorovych (1943-2000). Literary critic, professor, lecturer, musician, civic and cultural activist.

Opens external link in new windowFund №20. Moskalenko, Artem Amvrosiyovych (1901-1980). Linguist, professor, lecturer.

All the fund donors belong to the generation of those Ukrainian activists who mostly spent their lives in exile due to the pressure of various circumstances.

Living far from their homeland, they were able to continue to be creative and to conduct social activities. They managed to occupy an important niche in the academic, literary, social, or political spheres.

The archival collections contain the documents and materials reflecting the results of scholar, creative, and research activities and correspondence of the fund donors, include the materials of the organizations where they worked, as well as illustrate their wide range of interests.

The Archives of Yaroslav and Olha Duzhyi, Petro Odarchenko, and Artem Moskalenko have also become a valuable addition to their personal book collections which are also stored in the University Library and are available to users.

Please find more information about the fund donors and also the review of the archival collection in the introduction to the respective descriptions.

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